All About Adventures takes on the Sunshine Coast pt. 1

If you are not familiar with where and what the Sunshine Coast is exactly— it’s a coastal region of British Columbia located across from Vancouver Island. Although it is technically part of the mainland, it’s near impossible to get to without taking a ferry or flying. This aspect makes the Sunshine Coast feel much further than it actually is, and makes it more remote compared to the rest of the coast.

When you think of the “Sunshine Coast” your first thought is “Sunshine” which gives most people the belief that this is a summer destination. The All About Adventures Team was given the task of hopping on the ferry and exploring some of the epic activities to do on the Sunshine Coast during the dead of winter. Needless to say, we were not disappointed.

Day 1 - Alpha Adventures & Dakota Ridge

After a quick and painless ferry from Horseshoe Bay, we arrived in Gibsons and made our way over to Alpha Adventures to check in for our first activity of our trip. After a coffee, a snack, some sweet new shades from the pharmacy for Brayden, and a quick gear up we were on our way. The Alpha Adventures vehicle took us up a snowy logging road to Dakota Ridge for a snowshoe tour.


Up in Dakota Ridge was a winter wonderland. It was a chill and enjoyable hike through snow-crusted trees. Our guide even made us a couch out of snow to relax on, true accommodation.



After coming down from Dakota Ridge we grabbed some groceries and went to the Wobbly Canoe for dinner. If you are ever in the area you need to go here and have the poke!

We then checked into our waterfront cabins at the Back Eddy Resort. If you are into cute and cozy places to stay, this is the place. My favourite part of our little cabin was the wood burning stove!


Day 2 - Harbour Air Flight

A good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast (made by yours truly) later and the gang is ready to take the skies with Harbour Air. Making it for our flight was easy enough, the plane picked us up at the Back Eddy docks right outside our cabins.


It was the team’s first float plane experience. It was awesome watching the plane come in for the water landing, the smoothest landing you’ll ever experience!

The views on this flight didn’t end, from waterfalls to ocean reflections, to snow-capped peaks, and frozen lakes. 


@thismattexists (1).jpg

Our first two days of our Sunshine Coast trip were an absolute blast but we're not done yet! In the next blog post I will talk about our journey in the backcountry to a sweet alpine hut!

Want to plan a trip like ours? You can do it on the Sunshine Coast website!