We’re cold… Let’s go to Mexico!

In December 2017 the All About Adventures team embarked on a journey to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This trip was like none we had ever done before. We fled the harsh mountains of the North and escaped to a tropical paradise. We road tripped through the jungles of the peninsula, explored the subterranean cenotés, climbed ancient Mayan ruins, and treated ourselves at luxurious resorts. The team had a number of high profile clients for the trip who we captured extremely unique content for and promoted them to our massive social media audience.


Visit Mexico!

The team partnered with the tourism board of Mexico. Our job was to captured content of some unique parts of the Yucatan Peninsula. We were hired to and successfully promoted that the Yucatan Peninsula can be an adventure packed destination for backpackers and other types of intrepid travellers. We showed that there is much more to this famous peninsula than Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and the beaches of Tulum.

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The team partnered with Sanuk to capture content of and to promote their new line of shoes, the Chiba Quest. We captured unique and engaging content around the Yucatan Peninsula that completely fit the vibe of the product that Sanuk was launching. Sanuk used our content for the launch of the shoe and on the launch day the All About Adventures team promoted the Chiba Quest to our massive social media following. We gave away a couple pairs of Chiba Quests to our followers to get them into our fans hands as well. We also hosted a two day Instagram Story Takeover on Sanuks feed to show the behind the scenes action of the Chiba Quest in use.